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Hi there!  I’m T, the bright side mom.  I am a twenty-something stay at home mom who writes about parenting twins, life lessons I have learned from doing so, my own personal childhood cancer experiences, being a small town girl from Ohio who now lives close to San Francisco, and my favorite hobby, running.

My husband, D, and I met in college in Ohio, where I obtained my masters degree and national certification in speech-language pathology.  We moved to Silicon Valley for my husband’s computer engineering job, got married, and had twin boys.  After we had the twins, I chose to stay at home with them, and now I get to blog during nap time. 🙂

Join me on our crazy adventure of figuring out how to raise twins 2500 miles away from our nearest family member!  I’m sick of getting bummed out after reading others’ downer blogs, so I promise to be real, but always try to find the bright side of every situation! 🙂

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