5 Things Your Bachelor Friends Might Wonder About Your Pregnancy…And Answers For Them


Status: 29 weeks pregnant today.  4 weeks until there’s a 50% chance of having the twins.  8 weeks until the twins are considered “full term.”

1) Why can’t you hang out on weeknights anymore, and why is activity SO restricted?
Answer: When I am laying down, my heart rate is in the “fat burning” zone,  and any time I’m up and barely moving, my heart rate is in the “aerobic” or “cardio training” zone.
More detail:
I am pregnant with twins.  I have double the amount of pregnancy hormones and associated symptoms in my body.  My heart is beating for 3 people, and my other organs are running for 3 as well, but the babies are growing and pushing my organs over, so they’re less functional.  My diaphragm is being sat on, and my lungs are compressed.  My resting heart rate is between 110 and 120.  I literally just took my heart rate as I’m laying down on the couch in my pajamas and haven’t moved in quite a while.  It was 115.  This means when I am laying down, my heart rate is in the “fat burning” zone, and any time I’m up and barely moving, my heart rate is in the “aerobic” or “cardio training” zone.  At work, my job is to walk around and pick up and drop off kids at their classrooms all day long.  I walk up to 5 miles in a given work day.  At the end of the day, with my heart going like that all day long, you can imagine that I am positively exhausted.  My 16 hour days in Grad school didn’t hold a candle to my now 8 hour days while pregnant with twins.  I’m confident if I hadn’t been marathon training right before pregnancy, there’s no way I’d be able to continue working like this right now.  In addition, I now have a 30lb rock tied to my stomach that I can’t untie, and it makes me hurt all over, so walking and standing are very difficult.
2) Why are you constantly rubbing and poking your stomach?
AnswerI am trying to get the babies out of my ribs, and then I am rubbing my ribs because they are bruised.
More detail:
Also, it kind of freaks me out when I see my stomach jump an inch or so out of place unexpectedly, so I put my hand there to make sure the babies haven’t escaped from inside.  Oh, and the ever-stretching skin itches like crazy, so that too.  And sometimes my stomach gets hard all over, and I’m afraid I’m having contractions, but they are probably just the kind that your body does as practice for actual labor.
3) Why can’t you stand up easily, or bend down to tie your shoes? -Your stomach’s not that big, and you haven’t put on that much weight.
Answer:  Your core muscles literally run away and hide.
More detail: 
One thing I did not realize before getting pregnant is that your core muscles literally run away and hide.  They stretch out and lose their force.  This is why I cannot bend over, stand up from certain sitting positions, get out of bed without rolling onto the floor on my knees first, and why my back hurts.  For 66% of women during pregnancy, the ab muscles split down the middle and go to the sides so that they are literally not there, resulting in chronic back pain.
4) What in the world is going on with you and food? 
Answer: If I’m regular with my food and eating habits, I can avoid these “crashes,” and best of all, it helps regulate my moods as well.
More detail:
Besides the obvious needing to take in an extra 600 calories a day to support the twins, hunger has not been the same for me since getting pregnant.  When I’m hungry, it starts to feel like I’m literally dying, or at least, what I imagine that to feel like.  When I let myself get to a point where I’m actually overdue for food, I start to shut down.  First I get a headache.  Then, I feel like I’m going to vomit.  Then, I start to lose the ability to walk or move very much, and finally, my mind starts to shut down, and I can’t think anymore.  Food is vital.  If I’m regular with my food and eating habits, I can avoid these “crashes,” and best of all, it helps regulate my moods as well.  This was discovered by my husband and I very early on, but it hasn’t seemed to change all that much.  I cannot go a couple of hours without eating.  You don’t want to see it.

5) Question: Why did you have kids so “early?”
Answer:  As I got closer to my husband, and when we got married, I knew I had to at least try to have his kids because he is the most awesome person I ever met, and I wanted to at least try to replicate him into tiny humans.
More detail: (Note: this is just the physical journey on our road to pregnancy; there was certainly a very real spiritual journey as well that I will document.)
I am 26 years old, and my husband is 25 years old, and we are the very first couple out of every single one of our high school, college, and California friends to start growing a family.(Revision made 11-7-`14): This made me feel like I was 16 and pregnant, and we both felt like we were too young to be starting a family (as ridiculous as that sounds at 25 & 26).  I felt soout of place among everyone I knew, and I had to reassure myself that I was not having kids “too early.”Read more about why we needed to start earlier than the people we knew here: My Road To Pregnancy
Have more questions?  Please ask.  I will gladly explain.